Life in the Spirit Online Seminar
Week 1   God's Love

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him
should never perish but have eternal life"
(John 3:16, RSV)
Words of Life
Day 1:
God is not someone who lives far away in a place you can never reach. Nor is he a heavenly warden, eager to punish you for doing wrong.He is a father who loves you. He says to you:
I have loved you with an everlasting love,
so I am constant in my affection for you.
(Jer 31:3 JB)
Day 2:
You can know God and how much how much He loves you. He wants to be in a personal relationship with you. He wants you to be His son or daughter. He does not want there to be any barrier or distance between you and Him. He promised through the prophet Jeremiah:
I will be their God and the shall be my people. There will be no further need for neighbor to try to
teach neighbor, or brother to say to brother, "Learn to know the Lord!" No, they will all know me, the
 least no less than the greatest-- since I will forgive their iniquity and never call their sin to mind.
(adapted from Jer 31:33034, JB)
This word of life is a promise, an offer from God. As soon as you feel that you want to take the Lord up on what He is offering in these words of life and receive what He is promising, read the section entitled, "God's Covenant"
Day 3:
He loves you. God, the creator of the universe, the one who made all things out of nothing, loves you. He wants to care for you and give you a better life. He promised:
I myself will pasture my sheep, I myself will
show them where to rest--it is the Lord God
who speaks. I shall look for the lost one, bring
back the stray, bandage the wounded and
make the weak strong. I shall watch over the fat
 and healthy. I shall be a true shepherd to them.
(adapted from Ezek 34:14-16, JB)
Day 4:
Because He loves us, God sent His only Son to save us. He sent Jesus so that we might have life, a better life now, a life that will last eternally.
For God so loved the world that He gave his
only Son, that whoever believes in him should
not perish but have eternal life
(Jn 3:16, RSV)
Day 5:
God Loves you. He is speaking to you now, reaching out to you. He is saying to you:
Oh, come to the water all of you who are thirsty;
though you have no money, come!....
Why spend money on what fails to satisfy?
Listen, listen to me, and you will have good
things to eat and rich food to enjoy.
Pay attention, come to me; listen, and your soul
will live.
With you I will make an everlasting covenant.
(Is 55: 1-5, JB)
Day 6:
If you wish to know God, if you wish to have the life he offers, you can. Just turn to Him and reach out to Him. He invites you:
I know the plans I have in mind for you-- it is the
Lord who speaks--plans for peace, not
disaster, reserving a future full of hope for you.
Then when you call to me, and come to plead
with me, I will listen to you. When you seek me,
you shall find me.
(adapted from Jer 29:11-13, JB)
Day 7:
Sometimes God seems so far away. Sometimes it seems like we can never reach Him. But He is not far away. He is very close to you, and right now He is trying to show himself to you in a fuller way than ever before. He promises:
The Lord is near to all who call upon Him,
to all who call upon Him in truth.
(Ps 145:18, RSV)
This week, the two chapters we will read are concerned with who Jesus Christ is and how he saves us. They are:
John 1, Colossians 1