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 Unbound Prayer:
We all pray the Our Father so many times that we can say the words without contemplating their full meaning. We know we start by honoring and praising the Father and end with a series of petitions. The final one” and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil” comes into clear focus in Neal Lozano’s book Unbound. At baptism we know “all sins are forgiven, original and all personal sins, as well as all punishment for sins (CCC=Catechism of the Catholic Church, # 1263). Yet we also know that the struggle with sin and evil affecting our lives does not end with our Baptism. Rather in a sense our struggle is only beginning. Therefor we do pray the Our Father asking God to “deliver us from evil.”
What is this “evil”? In the petition, evil is not an abstraction, but refers to a person, the thought of evil spirits. However, Neal Lozano does not want us to focus on evil spirits rather he hopes to help us to stop focusing on such evil spirits. “This book is not so much about evil spirits as it is about acknowledging the doors we have opened to their influence and learning how to close them.” Neal and Janet Lozano draw from their many years of ministry to give numerous insights into how evil can affect our lives. They provide a wealth of personal testimonies that readers may readily find speaking to them. Unbound contains the stories of people raised in abusive families or with addictive parents, stories of people who experienced traumatic events as adults (violence, war), stories of people with the typical varieties of childhood experiences (feelings of not being loved and accepted, rejection by teenage friends).
Yet in all these wide array of experiences one common tread stands out: “The enemy brings us one damaging thought at a time. As a pattern of thinking is built based on the foundational LIE, he finds a place to dwell and exerts greater influence on our emotions and will.” Over time begin to accept these LIES (I’m worthless, I always make mistakes, God doesn’t love me) as part of themselves and no longer perceive them as LIES. The strength of the Unbound model of prayer is helping a person to recognize the truth and discard the lies about themselves. In the many testimonies in Unbound, every person found greater freedom through this prayerful ministry.
The Unbound model has 5 elements; (1) repentance and faith, (2) forgiveness, (3) renunciation, (4) command, (5) blessing. In several ways the model follows the pattern of the Our Father. First one repents of the times one has turned away from God and expresses again his/her faith in God. The person thanks God for His presence in his/her life. Next one asks the Holy Spirit to guide them in forgiving people who have offended him/her. If one recalls harm done to him/her, then the people associated with this harm need to be forgiven explicitly. Sometimes this forgiveness step can be easy, at other times the harm is so severe that forgiveness does not come so easily. In either case, forgiving someone is an important step in receiving true freedom. In the next step one renounces the LIES that one has accepted knowingly or unknowingly. Renouncing means declaring that you want no more to do with this influence in your life. Once these LIES are renounced then the door to them needs to be closed. In the command step, one successfully closes this door. One asks God to break any authority that the lies have in one’s life. God alone has this authority, but God allows us to participate in His authority through our faith and the working of the Holy Spirit. Thus, “taking authority over the enemy and his works in your life is an expression of your faith.” Now, one needs to allow God to renew His blessings in one’s life. The blessing is not just a nice ending to the five-key model. In the blessing, God renews and strengthens in the true identity He gave each of us at our Baptism and Confirmation,. Freed from the LIES that keep us from completely knowing this identity, the blessing reminds us that we are truly the beloved sons and daughters of God. “God wants to break into our lives and reveal that He is our Father. he wants to affirm our identity and destiny.”
In the Diocese of Evansville, Unbound Prayer is dedicated to spreading this prayer model in our own area – a model that has enabled many people to experience the freedom, the abundant life promised by Jesus. Using the 5 keys described above, a prayer team trained in the application gently guides a person to greater depth of freedom in Christ. These biblical keys offer a way to cooperate with the Holy Spirit to heal past hurts and traumas and lead one deeper into the freedom given to each of us at our Baptism.
At Baptism we are anointed with sacred oil to remind us that we are warriors in a battle, a battle not only of flesh and blood but also one with spiritual forces. We recognize recurrent sins in our lives that at times we may feel powerless to stop. We also believe lies that influence our behavior. We need God’s power to deliver us from these evils. Unbound Ministry does not use the Catholic Rite of Exorcism, which is only done by authorized priests. Instead, Unbound prayer helps people with a non-confrontational deliverance model. In a most gentle and considerate way, the person follows the 5 keys to open his/her life to true freedom in Christ.
If you are interested in receiving this Unbound Prayer Ministry, please contact the following trained people:

Evansville – Santa Claus:
Fr. Noël Mueller, OSB – 812-357-6736
John & Stella Bennett – 812-544-2239
Deacon Ken & Gladys Johanning – 812-639-6853
Lynn Louviere – 812-639-8058 
Kim Kendall – 812-630-8933
Ireland: Charlie and Bev Mendel – 812-482-7502