Spiritual Gifts 
For Christians, a charism (in Greek,carisma) is a good spiritual gift that comes from God's love to us humans.  Within the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, a charism is a spiritual gift of extraordinary graces granted individuals for the good of the Christian community.  Meditating on St. Paul's First Letter to the Corinthians (12:8-10), the Christian can see that such "charismatic gifts"  are the (1) word of wisdom, (2) the word of knowledge, (3) the gift of healing, (4) the gift of miracles, (5) the gift of prophecy, (6) discernment of spirits, (7) the gift of Tongues, and (8) the Interpretation of Tongues:
1. WORD OF WISDOM: Like all the gifts of the Holy Spirit, this gift is given to build up (edify) "the Body of Christ", for the "common good" (1 Cor. 12:7).  This gift enables the Spirit-led person to express the Holy Spirit's revelation/knowledge/answers to either an individual believer or to the assembly of faithful believers. 
2. WORD OF KNOWLEDGE: A revelation of information (word) for a person or a situation that could not have been known by any natural means.  it could be a revelation that involves the secret thoughts or intent of a person, a word of healing or freedom being accomplished by the Lord, or simply God's diagnosis of an existing problem. 
3. THE GIFT OF HEALING: Supernatural outpourings of God's power which results in the healing of sickness and disease without the use of medical means.  Since God always wishes to heal our total person, this can entail healing of the body, the soul and/or spirit; thus healing can be physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual or relational.  There are many different ways and varieties or degrees in which God manifests His healing power - sometimes spontaneously, other times over a period of time.  When prayer is offered for healing, some form of healing always comes - often not the expressed healing desired.  Often, God heals us through the "gift of tears" while others are blessed with "holy laughter" (Joy). 
4. THE GIFT OF MIRACLES: Miracles are divine interventions into the events of our lives which seem to contradict the so-called laws of nature.  Through this gracious gift, the Holy Spirit manifests God's power in our daily world.  In Luke's Gospel (6:6-10), Jesus healed the man with the withered hand.  This is only one of many such manifestations of the miracles He so generously worked to bless others' lives: changing water into wine, multiplication of loaves and fishes, cleansing the lepers, and others.  Today, God continues to work powerfully through the Spirit of Jesus to bless the community of faith.  The gift of FAITH in God is necessary in the ministry of working miracles.  
5. THE GIFT OF PROPHECY:  In the Biblical sense, the prophet is one who speaks for God (not nearly forecasts the future).  Thus, this gift is a supernatural communication from God to an individual or an assembled community to encourage, exhort, console, build up, or strengthen.  The gift is the appropriate word of God communicated to people in this particular set of circumstances.  Prophecy stirs up a response in God’s people such as joy, freedom, peace, tranquility, excitement, enthusiasm and a willingness to surrender all to God.   The prophet is one who is (1) sensitive (listens) to the Word of God,   (2) lives the Word of God, & ultimately (3) proclaims the Word of God. 
6. THE GIFT OF DISCERNMENT OF SPIRITS: The Spirit-given ability to recognize (judge accurately) whether a situation or a person is motivated by the Holy Spirit, an evil spirit, or a combination of these.  The gift of discernment of spirits should not be confused with everyday discernment that enables us to make right judgments or with an insight into human nature that one might naturally possess.  This gift, like all the gifts of the Holy Spirit, is a supernatural enabling of the person(s), in this case to clearly discern the truth of a given circumstance.  As always, discretion and compassion to insure the dignity of the person receiving ministry are required. 
7. THE GIFT OF TONGUES: This special permanent gift is a spontaneous, inspired utterance by the Holy Spirit to praise God.  With this gift, the believer allows the Holy Spirit to guide and form the words they say or sing in praise of God.  The believer is truly edified by the use of this gift reaping deliverance, inspiration, refreshment (both physical and spiritual), enthusiasm, and wisdom.  Although considered the “least of the gifts”, this gift becomes a gateway to other gifts of the Spirit.  See The Catechism of the Catholic Church # 688, 798-801.  This love language between the individual and God in which the Spirit expresses praise, petition, and deliverance, helps the believer to grow spiritually & to express his/her deepest spiritual longings.
8. THE GIFT OF INTERPRETATION OF TONGUES: This is a prophetic message that gives the sense of a word spoken in tongues in the assembly.  Either the person who spoke in tongues or someone else in the assembly will give the interpretation.  It is important that the leader of the group allows time for prayer for an interpretation and for the interpretation to be eventually announced.  As always, great care should be given to allow for God’s word for the assembly.