Prayer Meetings 
What Is A Charismatic Prayer Meeting?

The primary purpose of a Prayer Meeting is the worship of God.  There are certain stable elements of a Charismatic Prayer Meeting:
Praising the Lord aloud together
Singing hymns and songs to the Lord
Prayer in tongues (see “Spiritual Gifts”)
Gift of tongues followed by interpretation of tongues (see "Spiritual Gifts")
Waiting patiently on the Lord
Prophecy or inspired teaching (see “Spiritual Gifts”)
Scripture reading…usually spontaneous
Faith sharing
Teaching: the teaching should help members learn more about living in Christ, the Life in the Spirit and the Charismatic Renewal.  Its content should include Scripture, tradition, and the Church teaching.
Prayers for Healing after the meeting (see “Spiritual Gifts”)
Word of Knowledge (see “Spiritual Gifts”)
Besides these stable elements there are typical characteristics of a good Prayer Meeting:
  1. A large part of the Prayer Meeting is spent in prayer and praise in Thanksgiving to God.
  2. Prayers are simply made, not forced or displayed.
  3. Many participate: the time is not monopolized by a few.
  4. The Charismatic Gifts are used openly and freely for the building up of the community (for the common good).
  5. There is a sense of God's presence which can be easily recognized by newcomers.
  6. Fruits of the Spirit are present:
      * LOVE for all attendees and concern for one another.
      * JOY rooted in a lively hope and manifested by enthusiasm and discipline.
      * PEACE – forbearance of one another’s faults and an absence of anxiety.