Healing Masses 
What is a Healing Mass?

All Masses are healing Masses, for God wants to heal you through the powerful sacrament of the Eucharist.  Such is His great gift to the Church. 

What Makes a Healing Mass Unique?

* When not a Sunday or Major Feast Day Mass, the theme of the entire Mass is healing: the celebrant’s words and homily, the ministry of the musicians, and the participating prayer teams.

* At this Mass we will provide trained people to pray for your individual needs.

* Examples of prayer might be physical, spiritual or emotional healing, a relationship problem or the help to truly forgive.  It is the Holy Spirit who does the healing.  The celebrant and prayer teams are mere instruments of the Lord; the Lord is using this prayerful environment of the Eucharist to work wonders in the lives of His needy faithful.

What Do I Do After the Liturgy?

* Once the prayer teams are in place, go to the front of the Church for individual prayer or stay in your place for quiet prayer.  Be sure to retain a prayerful quiet during this prayer time.  If you need to talk to someone, please go out of the chapel area.

* When the team is available you will come and give your first name and the prayer request either for yourself or for someone else (intercessory prayer). 

* All the prayer requests are held in the strictest confidentiality. 

* Often people asking prayer will rest in the Spirit or will receive a spiritual gift from the Lord.  Neither is necessary but is an expression of the healing power of the Holy Spirit. 

How Will I Know Something Has Happened?

* A majority of the people prayed for will witness that they receive a gift of peace.

* The healing may happen immediately, but more likely will happen over a period of time.  It’s important to keep praying for your healing and thanking the LORD for this gift.

* Even if you believe you were healed or your prayer was answered, keep praying to God for that healing.  For most, healing is a process as the LORD continues to work powerfully in all your being: body, soul, and spirit.