Life in the Spirit Online Seminar
God's Covenant

        We can know that God is willing to have a personal relationship with us and to give us a new life only because He has told us so. He made many promises to us, and we can rely on the promises of God. He has all the power on heaven and on earth, and He does not lie. He can do what He says and He will. But He will not force these things on us. We have to claim what He is offering. We have to believe what He says and receive from Him what He wants to give.
         Many of the "words of life" above are promises. We can claim these promises and hold God to them. We can base our lives upon them.
Your Covenant
          God's gift of new life with Him is free, absolutely free. We cannot earn it or deserve it in any way. Yet, we have to receive what he is offering. We have to come to Him and reach out to Him.
          A covenant is an agreement. When we enter into a covenant with someone, we make an agreement with that person. We can enter into a covenant with God because He has already offered a covenant to us. He has made us a promise that we can accept and claim.
         If you make a covenant with God now for the next seven weeks, you will find that you have a new life with God at the end of that time.
         God promises in the words of life that if we turn to Him and reach out for what He has to offer, he will give it to us. The covenant you should make to God is to simply turn to Him, to listen to Him, and to let other Christians help you.
         Perhaps you already know God and have experienced His love. Perhaps you are looking for a deeper relationship with Him, a fullness of life in the Spirit. If you enter into a covenant with Him now in the same way and agree to seek from Him what He is offering, He will give you that deeper life with Him. You should agree to do those things which will allow God to give you the gift He has for you. For everyone in the seminars, those things are:
1)   to attend and participate in the Life in the Spirit seminars each week, without missing any of them.
2)   to set aside at least 15 minutes a day for prayer and study, meditating on the words of life in this book and studying
      the passages in the book. (15 good minutes, not 15 minutes in which you are distracted)
3)   to come each week to pray with a prayer group or community that is helping you find a new life in the Spirit.
4)   to share with others in the seminars each week how you are growing and what difficulties you are having.
To make a covenant with God, say the following prayer:
Father, I want to find a new relationship with you and
the new life you are promising. I want to know you more fully. I want
to have you change my life and give me the power to live a better
way. To allow you to do this , I promise to attend the Life in the Spirit
seminars each week, to set aside 15 minutes each day to seek you on
 my own, to pray with the community each week, and to share with others
 in the seminar how I am growing and what difficulties I am experiencing. I wish
 to allow you the chance to give me those things you have promised.
If you fail....
       Remember that God loves you and wants you to be with Him even more than you want Him. He is not legalistic with us. If something happens that we can't fulfill our covenant one day, He will not hold that against us. If we neglect what we have promised, we can ask for His forgiveness, and He will forgive us. He loves us and does not want anything to be a barrier between us and Him. Of course, if we make a covenant with Him, we should only do it because we want to and because we intend to fulfill our part of it. A covenant is a way of entering into a relationship of committed love with God.